Enterprice App Maker

App Development Made Simple.

Enterprise App Maker from ERS Labs will allow you to rapidly develop, test and host web applications, all in the cloud, with easy to use drag and click IDE. EAM can be used by both technical and business users to develop enterprise grade web applications from scratch to live. The goal of the platform is to make available to IT companies, Product/Solution Companies, Enterprises and Free Lance Business Analysts/Subject matter Experts all the tools and components required to develop, test and host enterprise grade applications in the cloud.



Short GTM for Product or Service by reducing 60% of dev life cycle. The platform has the capability to allow a user to start building apps after 2-3 weeks of handson


At least 60% reduction in team sizes and a person with basic computer knowledge can become an expert with just 2-3 weeks of handson.

IT Infrastructure

Zero capital investment, low cost of operations since all development, testing and deployment is done in cloud.

Why is it so great?

Enterprise App Maker Platform is bundled with features to custom develop a complex ERP application with a simple approach. These features bridge the gap between the sponsor requirements and solution provider.

Zero Coding

As zero code base development platform it gives flexibility to develop aplication with out any technical skils.

Drag N Drop

Drag N Drop feature allows user to desing the forms easily and configure the properties as required.

EAM UI Components

EAM UI Components like Grid, Menu, Tree view, Charts... allows user to build a rich dashboards and user freindly UX applications.

Live Preview

Live preview gives you a realtime application experience without any compile time that includes the presentation and behaviour.

No Vendor Dependency

This platform bring total control to the project sponsorer for future changes required as business grows.


Platform gives a flexibile deployment model to deploy on ERS Cloud, Third party Cloud and even On Premises.

Visual Workflow

Visual workflows are used to define the behavior of the components as desired


A collection of Nodes like IF, Ajax, Switch N Case, Notification, Loop, Model, UI manager, ERS etc. brings you simple environment to build the workflow as per requirements.


EAM provides a secured workflow design architecture, User has the flexibility to decide which part of the work flow needs to be executed at Client and Server side.


Coming to the Integration part platform gives flexibility to interact with API’s hosted in public network (secure and non-secured), has the ability to transact with TSQL.

Special Features

These special features boosts the user development and deployment speed. Also gives you the flexibility to interact with third party API's

Data Modeling

To Implement the MVC Architecture user can use this feature to create the models and use them throught the application.

Method Builder

This Feature enables to interact with RDBMS and as well with third party API's. Has an ability to make TSQL transactions of any modern RDBMS instances hosted on Cloud with a minimal efforts.


You can create multiple roles at a security level of components on each page i.e. a component can be disabled, hidden or enabled as per the role required.